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VI.E.1 The Healing of Creation

PART  VI  –  TRANSITIONAL ASPECTS OF THE MODEL SUBPART E – MESSIAH-BODY;  Trumpets unto the Day of Atonement Article 1 – The Healing of Creation    By Daniel Irving a.  God Will See the Man b.  God’s Work is Finished c.  Yet … Continue reading

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III.A.5 “Second Work” vs. “Finished Work”

Part III  –  Application to Pentecostal Theology Subpart A  –  The Pentecostal Renewal Article 5.  The Unresolved Doctrinal Controversy of the “Second Work” vs. the “Finished Work”  a.   “Second-Work” (or 3rd Blessing”) Doctrine; Wesleyan-Perspective               … Continue reading

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