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V.B.5.b Resisting Knowledge

PART  V  – ASSOCIATIONAL ASPECTS OF THE LAMP-STAND MODEL SUBPART B –  The Trumpets/ Witness of the Spirit Corollary Article 5 –  Resonance & Dissonance Section (b) RESISTING KNOWLEDGE By Daniel Irving The following article may be viewed in video format at … Continue reading

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III.A.6.e Underlying Cause; Mis-Designation of Experience

Part II  –  Application to Pentecostal Theology Subpart A – The Pentecostal Renewal Article 6  –  The Pentecostal Second-Work as Nicolaitan Error Section (e)   Underlying Cause; The Mis-Designation of Experience  i.    Wesleyan-Pentecostals as Situated with First-Century Judeo-Pentecostals ii.   Misnaming Experience iii.  … Continue reading

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