While the following audio files are provided as a resource supplementing the Lamp-Stand treatise, they are intended (more importantly) as a help for those coming into the kingdom of God. (The writings of Andrew Murray seem to have a special strength for those struggling at the gate.)


Recordings are from the New King James Version with the exception of Psalms (King James) and Matthew, John, & Revelation (New American Standard).


Matthew 01-04  Matthew 05-07  Matthew 08-12  Matthew 13-18  Matthew 19-23  Matthew 24-28  Mark 01-07  Mark 08-16    John 01 thru 04  John 05 thru 08  John 09 thru 12  John 13 thru 17  John 18 thru 21  Acts 01-05  Acts 06-12  Acts 13-16  Acts 17-20  Acts 20-24  Acts 25-28


Romans 01-08  Romans 09-16  Corinthians I 01-04  Corinthians I 05-07  I Corinthians 08-11  I Corinthians 12-14  I Corinthians 15-16  II Corinthians 01-07  II Corinthians 08-13  Galatians  Ephesians  Philippians  Colossians  Thessalonians  Timothy  Titus

Philemon  Hebrews  James  Peter I  Peter II  John I  John II & III  Jude


Rev 01-03  Rev 04-06  Rev 07-09  Rev 10-13  Rev 14-19  Rev 20-22


Psalm 001-009      Psalm 010-019     Psalm 020-029     Psalm 030-039

Psalm 040-049      Psalm 050-059     Psalm 060-069    Psalm 070-079

Psalm 080-089      Psalm 090-099     Psalm 100-109     Psalm 110-119

Psalm 120-129       Psalm 130-139      Psalm 140-150


ABIDE IN CHRIST, By Andrew Murray

01 All You Who Have Come to Him02 Rest for Your Soul03 Trusting Him to Keep You04 As the Branch in the Vine05 As You Came to Him By Faith06 God Has United You to Himself07 He is Your Wisdom08 He is Your Righteousness09 He is Your Sanctification10 He is Your Redemption11 The Crucified One12 God Himself Will Establish You in Him13 Every Moment14 Day by Day15 At This Moment16 Forsaking All for Him17 Through the Holy Spirit18 In Stillness of Soul19 In Affliction & Trial20 That You May Bear Much Fruit21 So Will You Have Power in Prayer22 And In His Love 23 As Christ in the Father 24 Obeying His Commandments 25 That Your Joy May be Full 26 And in Love to the Brethren 27 That You May Not Sin 28 As Your Strength 29 And Not in Self 30 As the Surety of the Covenant 31 The Glorified One

THE DEEPER CHRISTIAN LIFE, By Andrew Murray 01 Daily Fellowship with God 02 Privilege & Experience 03 Carnal or Spiritual 04 Out Of & In To 05 Blessing Secured 06 Presence of Christ 07 Word to Workers 08 Consecration


01 Carnal Christians  02 The Self Life  03 Waiting on God    04 Entrance Into Rest  05 Kingdom First  06 Christ Our Life 07 His Humility Our Salvation 08 Complete Surrender 09 Dead with Christ 10 Joy in the Holy Ghost 11 Triumph of Faith 12 Source of Power in Prayer 13 God All in All


A DIVINE & SUPERNATURAL LIGHT, By Jonathan Edwards – This sermon was preached in Northampton in 1734 and was regarded by Edwards as one of the moving factors in the Great Awakening.

Divine Light – Part A       Divine Light – Part B

THE TRINITY, An Essay by Jonathan Edwards

Essay on the Trinity

THE DISTINGUISHING MARKS OF A WORK OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD, By Jonathan Edwards –  This analysis of the characteristics of the true and the false in revival has become the most often-cited text next to Scripture in judging the manifestations of ecstatic phenomenon in religious-revival.

Marks of the Work 01 Marks of the Work 02 Marks of the Work 03 Marks of the Work 04  Marks of the Work 05

A NARRATIVE OF SURPRISING CONVERSIONS, by Jonathan Edwards – An account of the initial occurrences of the Great Awakening in the 1730’s.

01 Narrative  02a Narrative  02b Narrative  03a Narrative  03b Narrative  03c Narrative  04 Revival at North Hampton


THE GOSPEL MYSTERY OF SANCTIFICATION, By Walter Marshall (1628-1680)  This classical Puritan work is widely considered to be the most definitive and indepth theological statement on the principle of sanctification.

00 Preface01 Proper Means  02 Change of Heart Required  03 Union with Christ Required  04 Gospel the Means  05 Nature will Not Produce Holiness  06a Obedience No Means  06b Obedience No Means  07 No Reform Before Christ  08 Holiness a Part of Salvation  09 Comforts Precede Duties  10a Assurance Necessary 10b Assurance Necessary  11a Without Delay  11b Without Delay  11c Without Delay  12a Walk in New State  12b Walk in New State   13a Make Use of Means of Grace  13b Make Use of Means of Grace


00 Preface  01 Peters Exhortation  03 How to Fulfill Duty  04 Who Concerned  05 Suffering for Righteousness  06 For Righteousness Sake07 Suffering Subject to God  08 Practical Advice  09 To Him as Creator  10 Gods Faithfulness Dispels Fear  11 Patience in Suffering  12 Counsel to the Unquiet


01 Gospel Truths  02 There Must be a Christ  03 Jesus is that Christ  04 Jesus is True God  05 By Him the World was Made  06 To Redeem Those Under Law  07 His Burial & Resurrection  08 His Ascension  09 His Intercession  10 His Coming Again  11 Coming in Judgment  12 The New Birth  13 Questions & Answers


HOW PENTECOST CAME TO LOS ANGELES, By Frank Bartleman – The story of Azusa Street is told from the perspective of one of its key participants.

01 Trials & Blessings02a Pastor Smale Returns02b Pastor Smale Returns03 Fire Falls at Azusa04a Maple Street Meetings04b Maple Street05 California to Maine06 Second Ministry East07 Hawaii & Kileuea08 Durham in LA

THE PENTECOSTAL TESTIMONY – William Durham – The following recordings are readings from William Durham’s newspaper published 1910-1912; a period during which his ministry constituted the focal-center of Pentecostal-doctrinal-formulation until his untimely death in 1912 at 39 years of age:

02 Personal Testimony03 No Second Work of Grace04 Azusa Meetings of 191105 Two Great Experiences06 Phases of Sanctification07 The Church08 Tongues as Initial Evidence09 Gospel of Christ10 False Doctrines & Misrep11 Great Battle of 191112 Second Work People Answered13 Great Need of the Hour14 Finished Work Makes Plain Redemption15 Chicago Revival16 Identification in Christ17 In Memoriam


1 Response to Readings-MP3

  1. Jeff Ostrom says:

    It is very encouraging to see these things that God has revealed to you…. many of them are confirmations of what God has revealed to me as well. I was hoping that I could talk with you sometime. I currently have no fellowship that I am regularly part of….. many of the churches I have attended have left me depressed… Not seeing godly fruit on the tree or a counterfeit holy spirit present. This comment could end up being 20 pages….so I’ll try my best to be brief. If you have the time…. would you please e-mail me. I would love to talk with you about many of the things you are sharing. (I use to be part of an off shoot of Church of Christ but stopped attending….when God changed my heart…. I would often leave in the middle of service weeping because of the Flesh of man in the message being preached…. void of the presence of the Holy Spirit….. I was asked to leave after I shared with many of my friends that the Flesh must die that the spirit be made alive. I have seen extremes of this on either side. In other churches i have seen this almost extreme emotionalism of many that are Pentecostals…. but lack of discernment in the word and substitution of experience for truth….. I am tired of hearing “chew the meat but spit out the bones”. Is there a body without leaven in it this side of eternity?…. true fellowship with one another?

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